No doubt exhibiting your services and product in-front of a large audience is indeed a big investment – both in terms of money and time. You should be knowing the perfect strategy to get a high impact on returns on your investment and your exhibition stand becomes a center of attention among the on-coming audience. Over the last couple of years, design and technology have improved leaps and bounds of what it used to be back in the days. Therefore, we’re now seeing more out of the box ideas. It’s believed that design is an art but the current need of the hour is to execute that art more smartly, with the help of top stall design for Exhibition in Mumbai.

It should come as no surprise that we have all been to various exhibitions over the years – be it big or small. But, apart from taking the odd gift home, brochures and pens – there’s not much that most people tend to remember from the said exhibition. As an exhibitor who is displaying a stall design, this can be pretty heart-wrenching because he or she might think that all the said investment has become worthless. In an ideal scenario, you’d want your audience to walk away with the idea of the stall design in mind – but that happens pretty seldom. This is why you need to bank on innovative designs and newer technologies so that you’ll be able to enjoy the hype around your products and services, even after the exhibition is over. The following are some of the major creative stall design ideas that you can implement for your upcoming exhibition:

Basic Types of Stall Ideas

1. Large Exhibition Stalls

When talking about large-sized exhibition stalls with the help of top stall design for Exhibition in Mumbai, these stalls are highly modular and can be customized to your liking. If you want, you can even go ahead with bespoke designs as well. Going ahead with bespoke designs can help in spreading the word of mouth a lot better, especially when launching new products or services in the market.

2. Small Exhibition Stalls

When it comes to building stall designs for exhibition, it should be noted that not always larger means better. There will be times when you’ll be cash-strapped or want to spend the budget on other avenues of the stall, rather than the size of the stall itself. The saved money that you earn by going with a smaller stall can be used towards marketing and creating greater intimacy with the audience. Furthermore, the audience doesn’t need to wander around much to get a demo of your products or services.

Top Creative Stall Ideas to Opt For

1. Pop-Up Stand Idea

This can be termed as a simplistic idea when it comes to stall designs where the back wall of the stall is covered entirely to further give the place a professional touch. These types of stalls are very easy to set-up and are indeed very convenient as well when moving from one place to another.

2. Banner Stand Idea

This can be termed as a more cost-effective solution for your exhibition stall designs. You’ll have the option to opt for roll-up and wall banners inside your stall for promotions. Furthermore, you’ll be able to communicate with your audience at ease regarding your brand with the help of this design.

3. Exhibition Truss Idea

This is a convenient type of design idea which can be put into action within a very short period. Furthermore, the choice is also economical for small to medium-sized businesses and thereby allowing them to make a big impression without spending extravagantly on resources. The option is indeed very much versatile when it comes to usefulness along with providing your money’s worth.

4. Exhibition Stands With Modularity Idea

This type of versatile concept of building an exhibition stand already matches with the design of some of the best international stall designs out there. One of the major benefits of opting for this design idea with the help of top stall design for Exhibition in Mumbai is that the stall can be reused entirely. You can easily reconfigure the parts more than one time for creating more innovative designs. This type of stall design idea mainly comprises pre-engineered parts which help in imparting a professional touch to the overall looks.

5. 3D Stall Design Idea

This is one of the most innovative stall design ideas that will help you ensure in obtaining the highest quality and precision focused results. These types of stall designs can be fully customized to meet the needs of individual companies. Therefore, each company can opt for unique styles that are specific to its brand image. At the end of the day, you’ll be provided with a stall design that will be successful in attracting the most number of audience on the exhibition floor.

6. Catalogue Stand Idea

If you want a more communication-focused stall idea, then the best option for you would be to opt for this design. This type of folding catalog concept is very simple yet very effective in attracting an audience. With this design, you’ll be able to showcase your business catalogs and brochures inside the stall racks for the customers to easily pick them up and browse through your list of products and services.

7. Counters & Podiums Idea

You can easily opt for podiums along with counters which will showcase your products and thereby attract relevant audiences to your specific booth.

8. 3M Stands Idea

This is a compatible stand which will help your company to target audience or customers without spending too much money on the process.

9. Customized Booths Idea

You can easily choose between custom made designs for your booth and thereby make your stall look different from your competitors. This will help in creating a powerful visual impact as your audience will be thrilled to see the intricate detailing of your booth.

10. Island Stands Idea

In case you have lots of space for setting up your booth for exhibition, then you can easily make a high visual impact with an island stand approach for your stall. Such island stall design can be visible from every direction of the exhibition floor.

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