BTL Activities

BTL or Below the Line activities are concerned to strategic and planned marketing techniques in order to generate response on media platforms excluding the sphere of television, magazine, radio, film, cinema, billboards and print (newspaper) formats. On a general note you may say the marketing strategies to promote your product on different formats other than mainstream media is BTL Activity. Novatrix Designs understands the value of campaigns, catalogues, trade shows and targeted search engine marketing and we recognize the potential of getting the feedback(s) from your customer(s)/client(s).

We tend create content that is relevant to the audience or target audience on a whole in order to generate a sensation that could bring new porifera for the current population. We have empowered many brands including some predominant ones which are, TITAN Watches, ANAND (Make in India) and Baskin Robbins Ice-creams. All these BTL activities brought new consumers, followers and investors to the recognized brands. It helped them to grow themselves potentially in a market that enables and welcomes the new age consumers. Gone are the days when adverts of television and newspapers could award your brand with the consumers.

Today, the market has revolutionized, and we understand the need of this new market. This market demands mass audience reach, powering feedbacks and ratings, mouthpiece by the previous consumers and an interactive interface to connect with the organization. An advertisement on mainstream media could influence you but an advertisement or promotion through BTL can persuade your buyer to buy the product and increase the sales. In order for one to sustain and grow in the market, BTL activities are the best option and we are the right stop for you. We can lead your brand or organization directly to your target population eliminating all the risks related to mediators. Novatrix can actually help you reach the right destination and ensures the feedback from your target audience both potential and positive!

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