Novatrix Designs offers great service in organizing and executing conferences at regional, national and international level. We are a team of smart and skilled professionals who tend to focus on the quality and substance of the conference. Through the conventional medium of these conferences, we aim to bring together professionals, experts, learners and freshers on the same table so that they may exchange ideas and share their perspective in a manner that seems both assertive and productive in nature. We have recently organized a conference and seminar for Ace Micromatic Group which was a customer meet and interactive seminar covering the brands of the same organization including AMIT, ACE, Micromatic, AMS and MG. It was more likely to say that this conference was more than an achievement that helped us climb the ladder of another successful achievement.

We fully understand and recognize the trust and value our investors put in us and hence, we ensure that whatever comes out as a product or outcome should always be productive and something better than what had been asked. We fulfil the requirements of our investors by providing them world class service and making every inch of entire arena as per their choice. We value their decision and that’s why we are a renowned name in the industry.

We accomplish the modern, traditional, imperial and classic choices of our clients and provide them with a much better service than others. It is our creative and management team that works every bit of second to ensure that everything works in a proper manner and the entire conference goes smoothly without any hustle-bustle. Novatrix Designs fully understands the objectives of an organization behind the conference and hence, our force of unmatched professionals tends to achieve the same beyond the conference. We are a team of skilled professionals, dedicated workforce and sincere individuals who are determined to achieve the goals of a conference and the investors who are organizing it.

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