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Within the wide event management spectrum, Novatrix has managed and strives to further organize several corporate events with respect to branding and retail field. In addition to professional corporate event management, we also have our expertise in offering top-notch exhibition, fabrication, and branding services. We ensure that the customers connect with the client’s products and services through our expertise in exhibition, fabrication, and branding & retail management services. Through professional promotional activities, we aim to help the clients in effectively infiltrating the market segments that would bring their brand to life. To Novatrix, the product launches, retail activities, and brand activations are about giving our clients the ideas as well as the platform that would be needed to showcase their products & services. This would them in propelling into the worldwide market in an effective manner. From visual merchandising to out-of-shore brand activation, we integrate all the aspects of effective brand communication from the point of conceptualization to its implementation. We aim to harness the value and potential of every brand. We connect brands and people through our specialized events and thus, strengthens the brand’s partnership through the creation of a well-defined platform and opportunities for them. Reach out to us for the best branding and retail management experience!

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