Apart from domestic exhibitions, Novatrix Designs tend to reach the international market and be an active part of the global village. We firmly agree to the point that international fairs and exhibitions can help you scale your progress to a certain level of acknowledgement. Thereof, Novatrix Designs believes in the fruitful outcome of International Exhibitions and had been an active part of some of them in the past years which are namely, Samtel Display Systems, Cosmo Films, Fieldking, Apollo Tyres and Sparklet Engineers. From projecting our products to reaching the stage of World Class Farm Equipment by Fieldking, we have bagged a number of such global opportunities. It gave us new and enhanced audience, technical and elite experts, global level market and finally open boundaries to showcase our ideas that could compliment the coming future. We have proved our worth to the global audience and we appreciate more opportunities to adapt and teach new ways in which technology can be moulded with everyday life. We are constant in our efforts and open towards the ways which can help us to reach the international market more frequently.

We appreciate the international exhibitions because they help us exchange cultures, ideas and innovation with the entire world in a single go! We look forward for such opportunities in future where we can out cast others with what we have and welcome our peers to showcase the best they got. It is a platform of convergence where we have diverged our technically advanced and innovative ways of seeing the future that lies beyond. We certainly had a great experience from showcasing equipment to accessing the portions of barrier films. Our representatives received positive feedbacks from the global audience, and we are a name in ideations and exhibitions at international standards. We strongly agree to the point that international exhibition can actually, increase the conventional growth of the world as a whole!

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