Metal Fabrication

Novatrix Designs is an immeasurable name in Metal Fabrications and Services. We are a team of physically active and skilled professionals who tend to create wonders out of the unshaped and deformed raw materials that go through a number of processes including Casting, Cutting, Drawing, Folding, Forging, Extrusion, Machining, Stamping, Shearing, Punching and Welding. All these processes are common to any metal fabricated product and we carry out these processes in a very careful manner so that every block of the achieved product should be perfectly shaped and sized. Novatrix Designs are a versatile service provider in the metal fabrication industry. Our manufacturing unit keeps the quality and quantity of the product in proportion in order to achieve the perfect blend from what goes in!

We firstly gather our raw materials in good and usable conditions following that, we create and design the product keeping in view the measurements and parameters, then we focus on transforming the input raw through a number of steps to reach an extension of exact replication of the design and finally we assemble the different parts of the product carefully so that the function and fixtures of the product remain unharmed. Novatrix Designs works in such an active manner so that the function of the product remains untouched. We are, therefore, a building block of the metal fabrication industry. We have extended our services to big brands like Apollo Tyres in the past and are always looking forward to provide better services to evolving and established brands in the future. We have the potential to accustom your industry and pave the way for your brand to reach out the market and consumers and attain your business objectives. Our unmatchable and elite workforce is the true spirit which brought us credits, achievements, stories of success, rewards, different markets, loyal customers and clients and finally, a brand that has an adversity in Metal Fabrication Services.

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